Most houses show off the beauty of their houses by investing in interior designing and decorating their rooms. They also, however, end up paying a bomb, to renovate and maintain these fancy fixtures. The main element that requires constant attention is carpet cleaning and maintenance. When the household involves kids or pets, you can constantly see anxious moms as they hover over them and making sure their precious carpets are not ruined by dog hair or food stains, and when it does happen, you can see them worrying about how to remove these stains and bring back to original form. These home remedies are hacks that every woman needs, to save money on restoring the carpets and remove the stains.

It is important to know the type of stain, in order to know what to apply that will effectively get the stain out. There are simple water soluble stains such as milk, mud, juice, berries, etc., which can be removed easily using simple ingredients from home. Then are those stubborn water soluble stains like chocolate, vomit stains , which have more chemical compounds and therefore harder to remove.

•Simple water soluble stains like alcohol stains, ink, mud, milk, colas, etc., can be removed by using any detergent or even vinegar. Make sure that the detergent doesn’t contain any bleach.

•For stubborn stains like mustard, wine, chocolate, etc., ammonia can be used, by making a paste of it with water and applying it to the stain. Ensure that ammonia is not used for woolen based carpets. If ammonia doesn’t work, chlorine can be used, but only as a last resort as bleach affects the quality of the carpet.

•For unusual stains like cigarette burns, care must be taken. Remove the brunt particles by gently scraping them using a dull or blunt knife.


•For sticky objects like wax and gum, make sure that they are not scraped away in an attempt to remove it. This only worsens the situation. Instead, use ice cubes to freeze the wax or gum and break the hard substances away easily. No hassle.

· When any wet stain occurs, it is important to take action immediately. The longer you put it off, the harder it gets to remove them.


· When the situation cannot be controlled by you, call a professional to deal with the situation, before it becomes worse.

· Make sure that the stain remover is bleach free. Some carpets have only certain resistance to acid and alkali. Check the cleaning solution before applying them to the carpet.

· The cleaning equipment used should have enough vacuum power on them to dry the carpet in a few hours. This is to protect the carpet from getting spoiled from the water. They will also let out a bad smell when they’re not properly dried.


Maintaining your carpet is as equally important as buying a new one so take care to maintain them and save cost on buying a new one!

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